TungCut Groover Expands CBN Geometries for Interrupted Cuts of Hard Parts

Iwaki, September 2020 — Tungaloy has expanded its TungCut indexable grooving tool system to include two new CBN geometries that handle grooves with interrupted cuts on hardened steel parts.

TungCut system offers an extensive lineup of grooving tools that are designed to provide maximum performance in a wide range of grooving applications. Its unique insert clamping enables more secure, accurate, and chatter-free machining, providing TungCut with vibration- and fracture-resistant capability in such applications as groove-turning where cutting in traverse and longitudinal directions is carried out in a single tool setup.

The extensive lineup of TungCut grooving tools offers a broad range of insert grades, geometries, and toolholders. This includes such geometries as all-round DTM, DTE for precision grooving, DGL for good chip control in soft steel, all of which are designed to meet the needs of various grooving applications.

The two new insert geometries include SGNx00-020-S for grooves with light interrupted cuts and SGNx00-020-H for heavy interruptions, expanding the preexisting insert line for continuous cuts. The -S geometry is designed to provide a good balance of light cutting action and cutting-edge strength, making the insert ideal when cutting grooves with oil holes or other light interruptions present on the groove bottom. In addition, the strong edge design of the -H geometry provides the insert with fracture resistance when feeding into gear teeth and other serrated surfaces with heavy interruptions. 5 mm insert width is now available, in addition to the current lineup of 2, 3, and 4 mm.

These new inserts are also offered in CBN grade BX360, along with the preexisting geometry for continuous cuts, which will allow expanded coverage of various grooving needs in hardened steel. Total of 8 inserts have been added in this expansion.


Product information
No. 391S1-G (Metric)