TungBoreMini Drilling and Turning Tool Increases Large-Diameter Tool Options

Iwaki, January 2024— Tungaloy has expanded its TungBoreMini by adding four new toolholders for minimum bore diameters of 18 mm (.709″) and larger — along with four new inserts, designed to match each corresponding toolholder.

TungBoreMini is a versatile line of multifunctional tools that can perform multiple operations, such as OD/ID turning after drilling, all without the need for tool exchanges. This allows significant time saving when changing tools and better utilization of the machine, while also reducing tool investment and management costs. Designed with an optimized chipbreaker and rake angle geometry, a dedicated XOMU insert ensures effective chip control throughout multiple applications, such as from drilling to turning, with varying cutting data.

The new toolholders cover minimum bore diameters (DMIN) of 18 mm (.709″), 20 mm (.787″), 25 mm (.984″), and 32 mm (1.260″), expanding the upper diameter limit of the existing TungBoreMini tool diameter range of 10-16 mm.

The new XOMU inserts all come in unique sizes that fit the respective toolholders with an innovative insert geometry design. The inserts not only guarantee high metal removal rates but also enable a light cutting action, ensuring excellent chip control across various material groups throughout multiple processes—from drilling to turning.

To ensure effective chip evacuation in all applications, the new TungBoreMini toolholders feature through-coolant capability with two coolant outlets: one is located close to the cutting edge for directing coolant to the optimal position close to the cutting point and the other on the tool tip disperses coolant in the axial direction for flushing chips out of the blind hole. Plus, a large chip flute on the tool body is designed with an optimal shape and size, assisting safe chip evacuation and tool stability. These features allow TungBoreMini to provide excellent chip evacuation during drilling, simultaneously ensuring a prolonged and predictable service life for the inserts.

This expansion makes the adaptation of TungBoreMini easier for machinists of large components, as well as mini-part users, allowing them to reap the benefits of productive multifunctional tools.

Product information
No. 529S2-G (Metric)