TetraForceCut’s Custom Profile Grooving Inserts Reduce Cycle Time of Mass-Produced Parts

Iwaki, August 2023— Tungaloy’s TetraForceCut grooving tool system is now offering TCGB27W custom profile grooving insert blanks and STCR….R/L27W..-CHP dedicated toolholders.

The TCGB27W insert blank features a unique, elongated shape that provides its four cutting edges with enough width to cover the profile. The insert blanks can be tailored by customers themselves to custom form for their specific applications or can be fabricated by Tungaloy for the customers exactly according to their specifications. The insert, thus, can generate complex profiles in a single plunge, enabling decreased cycle time and reduced tooling for producing parts in the mass production lines.

With the proven TetraForceCut insert clamping method, the STCR….R/L27W..-CHP dedicated toolholder retains the insert in place fixed at three contact areas in the pocket. This clamping method ensures tool stability and process security when the cutting edge comes in contact with a wide section on the workpiece all at once when plunged, generating great cutting forces. Furthermore, the toolholder incorporates high-pressure internal coolant supply system that directs the coolant to the optimal position close to the cutting area, promoting smooth chip evacuation and tool life longevity.

The time machinists save with the new TetraForceCut custom profile grooving tool will be an advantage for their production in every respect. Conventionally, forming a complex groove profile requires the use of multiple tools, each with a particular shape of groove, arc, angle, and convex or concave radius. The custom profile grooving inserts and dedicated tools enable such several production steps to be combined, allowing a single tool to form a complex profile in a single plunge, which increase the machining efficiency of the production process. They also reduce the tooling investments and the time to exchange tools between the processes, thereby minimizing machine downtime and increasing productivity.

This expansion adds three options of profile insert blanks and twelve dedicated toolholders.

Product information
No. 416S5-G (Metric)