DrillForce-Meister Offers 8xD Drill Bodies

Iwaki, February 2022 — Tungaloy has added six 8xD drill bodies to its DrillForce-Meister exchangeable-head drill line, covering diameters ranging from 20 mm to 41 mm (from .787″ to 1.614″).

DrillForce-Meister features a unique drill head clamping design that boasts exceptional reliability in opening large diameter holes ranging from 20 mm to 41 mm (from .787″ to 1.614″). New 8xD drill bodies incorporate optimized flute design that provides efficient chip evacuation and enhanced bending stiffness, demonstrating productive drilling in a wide range of materials with stable chip control. Also, the drill head is securely retained in place with the clamping screw and supported with large contact surfaces in the seat, enabling close-tolerance hole making and long tool life, while allowing quick and easy tool changes.

The new 8xD drill bodies carry the existing SMP general-purpose drill head or SMF counterboring drill head, providing an extremely accurate, cost-efficient, and productive option across a wide range of drilling applications.


The DrillForce-Meister system

DrillForce-Meister boasts an innovative insert clamping method that provides high tool rigidity and drilling precision. Having a unique asymmetric structure, the drill head features V interface that ensures secure interlocking with the seat for increased clamping strength and high repeatability. Due to its flat blade profile, the drill head makes large face contact with the seat, infallibly sustaining great cutting forces generated during aggressive large hole making operations for exceptional reliability.

Thanks to indexable technology, DrillForce-Meister drill tip geometry can be quickly indexed to a new and optimized cutting edge. This minimizes tool life unpredictability, while increasing drill tool life. DrillForce-Meister also eliminates the need for regrinding and recoating, providing significantly reduced tool inventory and machining costs.

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