DeepTri-Drill Indexable Gun Drill Offers 10 mm Diameter Drills

Iwaki, May 2022 — Tungaloy has expanded its successful DeepTri-Drill indexable gun drill series, now offering as small as 10 millimeter (.394 inch) diameter drills.

An indexable gun drill series featuring innovative insert geometry, DeepTri-Drill enables increased penetration rate over conventional brazed gun drills, which ensures productivity boosts and process security during deep hole drilling applications.

Incorporating new single-edged ZSGT insert geometry, DeepTri-Drill now offers an indexable gun drilling solution for bores as small as 10 millimeters (.394 inches) in diameter, outdoing the current smallest diameter achievement of 12 millimeters (.472 inches).

The new ZSGT inserts feature chip splitters and chip breaker on the cutting edge just like existing DeepTri-Drill inserts. They break chips in small pieces for smooth and secure evacuation. This eliminates tool breakage caused by chip clogging which is critical in small-diameter deep hole drilling.

The inserts are available in AH9130 PVD grade developed specifically for hole making applications. The grade provides long tool life and excellent predictability across a range of materials, especially in steel and cast iron.

With these new small-diameter indexable gun drills available, applications that require a series of straight-drilled holes such as of water channels of plastic injection mold bases can be performed with dramatically shortened machining time when compared with traditional brazed gun drills, promising significant productivity gains.


This expansion has added three sizes of drill bodies, one size of insert, and two sizes of guide pads to the series.

Product information
No. 430S3-G (Metric)