BoreMeister Anti-Vibration Boring Bars Offer Split Sleeves for Larger Diameter Bars

Iwaki, July 2023— Tungaloy’s BoreMeister anti-vibration boring bar system is now offering split sleeve holders for adaptation of larger-diameter boring bars.

The BoreMeister system is supplemented with a variety of exchangeable heads and shanks for internal turning, threading, and grooving applications. The system ensures vibration-free boring operations in a long overhang setup of up to 10xD through a dampener inside the tool body. The boring bars are offered either in a cylindrical shank or with PSC machine-side connection. The bar body is available of either steel or carbide.

Dedicated to the use with BoreMeister cylindrical shank, the RSL style split sleeves achieve maximum contact area when clamped, enhancing clamping stability and vibration dampening capability of BoreMeister to their fullest potentials.

Six new RSL split sleeves have been added in this expansion for DCONWS (connection diameters workpiece side) of 32, 40, and 50 millimeters (with DCONMS (connection diameters machine side) of 40, 50, and 60 millimeters, respectively), each available in two length variations.

The new split sleeves will make internal turning and grooving operations of large size components with long overhang and poor accessibility to be less challenging, providing machinists with increased productivity, reduced vibration, and high part quality.

Product information
No. 517S6-G (Metric)