Machining program compensation for wiper SW/FW insert


The nose radius on a wiper insert has a different configuration from that on standard ISO insert's. Machining program adjustments are, therefore, required to generate a correct offset for the wiper insert to machine the correct workpiece dimension. No compensation is needed, however, for the positive, CCMT-SW wiper insert.

Wiper effectiveness (surface finish quality improvement) by applications

CNMG or WNMG insert
DNMG or TNMG insert

Additional information on offsetting -SW / -FW wiper inserts

Program compensations by insert shapes and applications

Match your insert shape and application to find the proper compensation method.

  Insert shape
Applications Type L Type J, G, F Type L
Internal, External and Face turning
Proceed to Compensation ① Proceed to Compensation ④ No compensation needed
Including tapered surface
Proceed to Compensation ①,② Proceed to Compensation ④,⑤
Including corner radius
Proceed to Compensation ①,③ Proceed to Compensation ④,⑥
Including tapered surface and corner radius
Proceed to Compensation ①,②,③ Proceed to Compensation ④,⑤,⑥