Tungaloy to Expand DrillMeister DMF and DMH Drill Head Sizes

Iwaki, June 2024— Tungaloy has expanded its DrillMeister exchangeable-head drill series to include 143 additional diameters of the DMF and DMH drill head lines.

DrillMeister exchangeable-head drill system combines the precision of solid carbide drills with the flexibility of modular tooling. The exchangeable drill heads are available in five different standard geometries, including general-purpose DMP and high accuracy DMC, designed for opening hole diameters ranging from 6.0 mm (.236″) to 25.9 mm (1.020″) in various material groups.

This expansion adds 143 new sizes to the DMF and DMH drill head lines, making them available with 0.1 mm increments for the drill diameters ranging from 6.0 to 25.9 mm. The DMF geometry enables the efficient creation of counterbores and flat bottom holes, while the DMH geometry features corner chamfers for wear and chipping protection during demanding applications. All the new drill heads are offered in Grade AH9130, which extends drill tool life across various material groups.

With this expansion, four drill head geometries of DMP, DMC, DMF, and DMH now offer 0.1 mm increments for the diameters ranging from 6.0 mm to 25.9 mm. DrillMeister provides users with high productivity and flexibility, leading to increased output, higher process security, reduction of tool inventory, and elimination of regrinding costs.

Product information
No. 412-G (Metric)
DrillMeister / AddMeisterDril