Tungaloy Expands DX160 PCD Grade Insert Line

Iwaki, April 2024— Tungaloy has announced the expansion of its DX160 polycrystalline diamond (PCD) grade insert line by adding 57 new geometries that boast excellent edge line security and flank wear resistance.

DX160 is developed for turning aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous alloys, providing the insert with the ability to create a superior, a mirror-like surface finish in continuous to light-interrupted cutting.

DX160 has a coarse grain structure. Traditionally, fabricating such PCDs into an extremely sharp cutting edge was considered challenging, often impossible, for tool fabricators using traditional grinding methods. That is a thing of the past for DX160: the state-of-the-art edge sharpening technology enables the coarse grain PCD tip to have superior edge sharpness and integrity. Also, being a high diamond-content and uniform-structured PCD, DX160 provides the insert with excellent wear resistance. This also lends itself to efficiently machining hard and brittle materials such as sintered tungsten carbide (WC), tungsten alloy, and ceramics.

This expansion will enhance the PCD insert range of negative ISO, as well as the positive range with a B (5°), C (7°), and P (11°) clearance angles. All the new inserts are available with a nose radius of 0.2 mm (.0078”) and 0.4 mm (.0156”), and some available with 0.8 mm (.0313”) and 1.2 mm (.0468”) as well for insert strength and economy.

Product information
No. 555S3-G (Metric)
Non-Ferrous Application Series