Tungaloy to Expand Its GigaMiniDrill Micro Solid Carbide Drill Series

Iwaki, June 2023— Tungaloy has expanded its GigaMiniDrill micro solid carbide drill series by adding ten size options to the DSM drill line.

GigaMiniDrill’s DSM micro drill line covers drilling diameter range from 0.1 to 3.0 millimeters (from .004 to .118 inches) with three drilling depths available: the diameter ranges from 0.10 to 0.30 millimeters (.004 to .012 inches) and from 0.51 to 1.00 millimeters (.020 to .039 inches) are for drilling depths up to 10 x D; from 0.31 to 0.50 millimeters (.012 to .020 inches) up to 15 x D; and from 1.01 to 3.00 millimeters (.040 to .118 inches) up to 5 x D.

The DSM micro drill line features an optimized cutting edge geometry and flute design which provides excellent self-centering capability when making contact with the workpiece surface. A special cutting edge preparation of the DSM drill not only promotes a smooth drill tip engagement and light cutting action but also enables outstanding surface finish quality on the component and ensures long tool life. The micro drills are available in YH170 and YH180 grades. Both grades consist of extremely wear-resistant PVD coating, combined with a dedicated carbide substrate, providing the drills with excellent reliability and tool life predictability.

With the latest additions of ten new sizes to the DSM line, which is now offering 91 total size options, GigaMiniDrill’s expansive micro drilling solutions provide machinists with added performance and tool life in a wider application area.

Product information
No. 558-G (Metric)