DrillForceMeister Offers 8xD Drills for Hole Diameters from 20 mm to 41 mm

Iwaki, March 2023—Tungaloy has added 8xD drill bodies to its DrillForceMeister exchangeable-head drill line for opening holes in diameters from 20 millimeters (.787 inches) to 41 millimeters (1.614 inches).

DrillForceMeister incorporates a unique head-shank coupling interface that provides exceptional reliability when drilling relatively large diameter holes from 20 millimeters to 41 millimeters. When clamped, the drill head interlocks with the shank at larger contact areas, promoting high hole precisions and qualities. Furthermore, with the SMF flat-edged drill head, drilling operations on inclined or curved surfaces or on thin walls susceptible to vibration are made easier and more efficient.

Tool replacement is performed simply by exchanging the drill heads; there is no need to remove the drill body from the chuck or readjust the tool overhang, saving significant amount of tool setup time.

DrillForceMeister now offers nine 8xD drill bodies in cutting diameters (DC) for 28.0-28.9 millimeters (1.102-1.138 inches), 31.0-31.9 millimeters (1.220-1.256 inches), and 34.0 to 41.9 millimeters (1.339-1.650), in 0.1 millimeter (.0039 inch) increments.

Product information
No. 509S4-G (Metric)