DrillForceMeister to Expand Its AH9130 Grade Drill Head Line

Iwaki, June 2023— Tungaloy has expanded its DrillForceMeister exchangeable-head drill range with the addition of 20 new drill diameter options to the SMP drill head line. The new heads are all in AH9130 grade.

DrillForceMeister exchangeable-head drills feature a unique coupling interface between the drill head and body, which provides a reliable hole-making solution for hole diameters from 20 to 41 millimeters (.787 to 1.614 inches).

The first choice for general applications, the SMP drill head line of DrillForceMeister now includes 20 additional diameter options, all in wear-resistant AH9130 grade, which were previously unavailable in the 20.1 to 41.0 millimeter (.791 to 1.614 inch) diameter range.

AH9130, the latest grade developed specifically for drilling application, integrates an optimized coating and carbide substrate combination. This provides the drill with unparalleled wear resistance, enabling tool life longevity and predictability in various material groups, including steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

Product information
No. 509S3-G (Metric)