BoreMeister Exchangeable-Head Boring Tool System Offers Vibration-Free Solutions for Internal Grooving Applications

Iwaki, April 2023—Tungaloy’s BoreMeister exchangeable-head vibration-free boring bar system now offers a range of solutions for internal grooving applications.

The BoreMeister system is supplemented with a variety of exchangeable cutting heads and shanks for internal turning, threading, and grooving. Through an integrated dampener built inside the shank body, vibration-free boring operations are possible with a long overhang setup of up to 10xD. The system also offers shanks made of solid steel for general purposes and shanks with TungCap polygon-shank coupling (PSC) machine-side connection that enable reduced set-up time and faster, more precise machining.

Tungaloy has now added exchangeable cutting heads that enables the BoreMeister system to use TungCut and AddInternalCut grooving inserts.

TungCut series boasts an extensive range of grades and geometries, offering inserts for various grooving applications from general purpose to internal profiling. AddInternalCut offers cost-efficient four-edged grooving inserts in ground-precision, enabling high precision light grooving operations.

Product information
No. 517S5-G (Metric)