Super high-feed face milling cutter with 8 cutting-edge insert

Double-sided insert with 8 cutting-edge helps reduce manufacturing cost
Also, dovetail structure on clamping firmly holds insert in high-feed milling, providing strong fracture resistance

Applications & Features

High feedFace millingCoolant hole

1. Economical advantages

  • Double sided insert with 8 corners for high feed milling.

2. Remarkable reliability in high feed milling

  • Dovetail structure improves the clamping strength by 50%*. * Calculated with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Rigid clamping with one screw.
  • Simple structure offers a high level of cutter body rigidity with easy operation.

Inserts & Grades



  • Max depth of cut: 2mm
  • 8 corners double sided insert with MJ chipbreaker, low cutting force even in high feed cutting


  • Newly developed coating layer with a unique substrate
  • Well balanced with excellent wear and chipping resistance
  • Suitable for steels


  • Unique substrate
  • Well balanced grade with hardness and toughness
  • First choice for stainless steels


  • Tough substrate with high reliability
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Ideal grade for cast iron milling


  • Tough substrate with a highly adhered coating
  • Thick coating for exceptional wear resistance
  • Suitable for steels in high speed cutting

Cutter bodies

Bore Type

TXQ (ø50 – ø125mm)

High feed cutter for face milling

Practical examples

Part: Plate
Material: Prehardened steels (40HRC)
Cutter: TXQ12R125M38.1-07 (ø125, z = 7)
Insert: SQMU1206ZSR-MJ
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 80 (m/min)
fz = 0.7 (mm/t)
ap = 1.0 ~ 2.0 (mm)
ae = 75 (mm)
Application: Face milling
Coolant: Dry
Machine: Vertical M/C, BT50
Part: Machine part
Material: SS400 / E275A
Cutter: TXQ12R80M31.7-05 (ø80, z = 5)
Insert: SQMU1206ZSR-MJ
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 180 (m/min)
fz = 1.0 (mm/t)
ap = 1.0 (mm)
ae = 75 (mm)
Application: Face milling
Coolant: Dry
Machine: Vertical M/C, BT50

Standard cutting conditions

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