SolidDrill (DSW, DSM)


Coated solid carbide drill for excellent stability

Ideal combination of drill geometry and carbide composition for exceptional performance on a wide range of drilling applications

Applications & Features

DrillingSmall-diameter drillingCoolant hole

1. New coated grade with highly improved wear resistance

• New coated carbide grade with a high level of versatility. Perfect grade for stable and long tool life on a wide range of materials.

2. Innovative cutting edge offers reliable drilling

• Non-conventional edge shape reduces cutting forces and improves adhesion strength of the coating to prevent sudden edge breakage.

3. World-wide standard shank style – Standardized with DIN6535-Form HA

• Only 6 shank size diameters available – ø6, ø8, ø10, ø12, ø14, ø16 mm. This reduces the number of collets required.

1. Variety of dimensions and L/D

• Allows deep hole drilling up to 5 to 15 times the drill diameter.
• Available as standard items from ø0.1 to ø3.0 mm in 0.01 mm increments. Shank diameters are all unified to ø3 mm.

2. Center drills for machining guide hole

• DSM-CP140 type has a 140° point angle which can effectively prevent the cutting edge from chipping.
• DSM-CP90 type, which has a 90° point angle, can be also used for chamfering of the hole mouth.

Drill bodies & Grades

Drill bodies

DSW-DI (Ø3 – Ø12 mm)

  • With coolant hole type

DSW-DE (Ø3 – Ø12 mm)

  • Without coolant hole. Economical type

DSM (ø0.1 – ø3 mm)

  • Small dia. solid carbide drill, L/D (ULDR) = 5 – 15

DSM-CP (ø3 mm)

  • Drills for center hole
Main Grades


  • P15 – P30 / M15 – M30 / K25 – K30 / S15 – S25
  • Good balance between wear and chipping resistance
  • Suitable for machining steel and stainless steel under general cutting conditions


  • P20 – P35 / M20 – M35
  • High resistance to wear and fracture
  • Designed for drilling carbon steel and stainless steel

Practical examples

Part:  Machine parts
Material: C55  (ISO) 
Drill body: DSW103-040-12DE3
Hole diameter: øDc = 10.3 (mm)
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 50 (m/min)
f = 0.3 (mm/rev)
H = 24 (mm)
Coolant: Wet (External)
Machine: Horizontal MC

Standard cutting conditions

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