TungSpeed-Mill Offers New Inserts and Cutter Body for High Efficiency Aluminum Machining

Iwaki, May 2021 — Tungaloy has expanded its TungSpeed-Mill high-speed face milling cutter for aluminum by adding a new cutter body and PCD insert geometries.

The face mill now offers additional PCD insert geometries and a cutter body for expanded application coverage. Two new inserts are available with a round cutting edge corner in 0.4 mm and 0.8 mm radius, in addition to the existing chamfered corner style, ideal for creating a round corner between the wall and bottom of the workpiece.

Face milling aluminum components retaining gate or riser remnants on its surface can be challenging. As the size of these remnants usually exceeds the cutting edge length of standard PCD insert, the insert will be cutting these remnants with the part of the insert body that has no PCD cutting edge. This causes damage to the insert, drastically reducing insert tool life. New LD geometry is designed specifically for such a job. Featuring a 9.5 mm-long (.374″ long) PCD cutting edge with edge preparation for damage protection, the LD geometry allows efficient face milling with gate and riser remnants on the workpiece.

A new cutter body features lower number of inserts per diameter than the existing style, allowing applications of TungSpeed-Mill in rather unstable conditions or in low power machines.

Features and Advantages of TungSpeed-Mill

Incorporating polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts and super high tooth density cutter body, TungSpeed-Mill is engineered for productive finish milling of aluminum automotive parts, which typically involves taking light passes at the most aggressive speeds and feeds. In addition to inserts with standard cutting edge, the PCD inserts are offered with dedicated features: a wiper insert that provides a high quality mirror surface finish and a deburring insert that eliminates burr formation on the work surface.

TungSpeed-Mill features an innovative insert axial adjustment method, named CamAdjust. The CamAdjust method makes the often time-consuming process quick and easy. Unlike traditional systems that requires switching operations between two different keys each dedicated for axial setting and insert screw tightening/loosening, the CamAdjust method uses only a single setting key with 2-in-1 function that combines a screwdriver for the insert screws and a cam that can axially push up the inserts with ease, while allowing high precision setting. This innovation allows the employment of simpler cutter body configuration with reduced number of parts, compared with traditional PCD face mills, enabling high tooth density of 22 inserts per 100 mm (4″) diameter cutter body.

The tool design, innovative method, and sound performance of TungSpeed-Mill was highly recognized in 2019 through the receipt of the Excellence Award for Machine and Robotic Parts of the Super Monozukuri Grand Award, sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (daily industry newspaper) Japan.

Product information
No. 524S1-G (Metric)