DrillMeister Introduces DMH Drill Head with Enhanced Drill Corner Design

Iwaki, August 2020 — Tungaloy has expanded its popular DrillMeister range of exchangeable-head drills to include new enhanced cutting-edge geometry, DMH.

DrillMeister incorporates a unique self-locking interface that enables simple and secure drill head exchange. Since drill heads can be replaced without having to remove the drill body from the spindle tool setup time can significantly be reduced, eliminating presetting, offset, and touch off of the replaced tool.

Drilling holes through a thin walled section of the workpiece can be challenging. As a drill pierces through and exits the hole, a thin wall is prone to spring back on the drill, while also pushing out uncut material to form exit burrs, imposing extra burden on the drill edge. This machining dynamic inflicts severe impact and damage on the drill corners, resulting in short and unstable tool life.
To address these issues, the new DMH drill head features a robust edge geometry that is designed specifically to protect the drill corners from fracture damage, while ensuring tool life predictability and good chip control.
The DMH drill head is available in grade AH9130 to provide the drill with a good balance of wear and fracture resistance.


Product information
No. 412S3-G