Highly rigid “Double-Clamp” system

Highly rigid “Double-Clamp” system provides remarkable stability and high accuracy

Applications & Features

Internal turningExternal turning

1. Simple and strong double-clamp system

– Provides strong clamping force with one screw.
– Only one screw and one action delivers double clamping force by simultaneously pushing down and pulling. This strong clamping force provides high stability for the cutting edge.

2. Higher indexing accuracy

3. Unique clamp improves rigidity

Larger holding area enhances clamping force drastically. Higher rigidity provides excellent stability and reduces vibration.

Inserts & Grades


Inserts for External Turning

Inserts for Internal Turning

ISO-EcoTurn Inserts

  • Economical small size insert
Main Grades


  • P10 – P20
  • Well-balanced between wear and chipping resistance
  • First choice for steel
  • High versatility for a wide range of applications


  • P15 – P30 / M15 – M30
  • High wear resistance in cutting at medium to high speed
  • First choice for stainless steel


  • K10 – K20
  • Stable machining in a wide range of applications from continuous to interrupted cutting


External turning

TurningA Toolholders

Highly rigid “Double-Clamp” system for external and internal turning holders

Internal turning

TurningA Toolholders

Highly rigid “Double-Clamp” system for external and internal turning holders

Practical examples

Part: Shaft parts
Material: SCM440 (42CrMo4)
Toolholder: ACLNR2525M12-A
Insert: CNMG120408-TM
Grade: T9215
Cutting conditions: Vc = 250 (m/min)
f = 0.3 (mm/rev)
ap = 3.5 (mm)
Application: External profiling (Continuous)
Coolant: Wet
Part: Hub (Automotive parts)
Material: SCM420(Alloy Steel)
Toolholder: AWLNR2525M08-A
Insert: WNMG080412-TM
Grade: T9225
Cutting conditions: Vc = 220 (m/min)
f = 0.3 (mm/rev)
ap = 1.0 (mm)
Application: Face & Profiling (Continuous & Interrupted)
Coolant: Wet

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