Precision Coolant System Improves External Thread Turning Productivity

Iwaki, March 2020 — Tungaloy is expanding its TungThread holders to include TungTurn-Jet system of high pressure coolant capable turning toolholders for the machining of external threads.

The TungTurn-Jet system strategically directs the internal coolant jet exactly where it is needed, close to the cutting point on the insert rake face. This dramatically improves chip control during the machining of difficult-to-cut materials, which is not the case with conventional coolant delivery methods. Additionally, the other coolant jet is fed from the bottom to minimize flank wear for increased insert life and productivity.

Three new holders: SER2020X16-CHP-MC, SER2525X16-CHP-MC, and SER2525X22-CHP-MC are added that improve chip control and evacuation during external threading operations, enabling better process security. Cutting fluid can be supplied either through conventional external coolant subassembly or directly through the spindle when used with a DirectTung-Jet-compatible adapter.

  • At a Glance
    • Coolant jets from top and bottom dramatically improve chip control and reduce insert wear during threading operations (Which is difficult with conventional method)
    • Hybrid coolant-through connection design allows the holder to be used on DirectTungJet-compatible machines or with conventional external coolant subassembly
    • Adding 3 types of holders

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