Tungaloy Introduces Economical 3-Edged Inserts for Small Diameter ID Thread Turning

Iwaki, October 2020 — Tungaloy has enhanced its TungThread line of indexable thread turning tool series by adding 3-edged internal threading inserts and dedicated toolholders for hole diameters as small as 7.4 mm (.291″).  

TungThread is an indexable thread turning tool series, featuring an array of thread profiles, including ISO metric, Unified, Whitworth, and other popular international standard threads both for external and internal applications. Its extensive tool lineup covers a broad range of threading applications, providing tool options for all thread turning needs. In addition, the line of tool holders with through-coolant capability improves machining efficiency during the threading of difficult-to-cut materials.    

Typically, internal thread turning inserts for small diameter holes have only one cutting edge. To meet customers’ needs for production cost reductions, Tungaloy now offers a cost efficient 3-edged inserts. Available in insert sizes 06IR with 4.0 mm (.157″) I.C. and 08IR with 5.0 mm (.197″) I.C., the new inserts are capable of profiling 55° and 60° V threads and ISO metric internal threads. Dedicated toolholders with through-coolant capability are also available to accommodate the new inserts. This feature dramatically improves chip evacuation even when machining gummy materials which commonly encounter poor or unsuccessful chip control with traditional thread turning methods. Customers in automotive and general engineering sectors can anticipate great machining benefits from the new 06IR and 08IR inserts and the toolholders.   

No. 375S2-G (Metric)