Higher Precision Tool Gripping with New TungHold ER11 Spring Collets

Iwaki, October 2020 — Tungaloy has introduced 13 new ER11-SPR spring collets with a collapse range of 0.5 mm (.020″) to its TungHold ER collet chuck system.

The new ER11-SPR spring collets have been designed with a 0.5 mm collapse range, instead of conventional 1.0 mm (.039″) collapse, to be integrated and used in the TungHold ER collet chuck system. This essential line of toolholders in the TungHold tooling system provides flexibility and precision. The new spring collets enable higher precision gripping of round tools with a smaller collapse range. No further investments for new tool holders and clamping nuts are needed; the new ER11 spring collets can be used with preexisting TungHold collet chuck holders.

Total of 13 ER11 spring collets are introduced with gripping diameter capabilities of 0.5 mm to 7.0 mm.

Product information
No. 389S1-G