Tungaloy Introduces High Precision Torque Screwdrivers for TORX/TORX Plus screws

Tungaloy is introducing FixedTorqueWrench, a high precision torque screwdriver system with replaceable drivers for TORX and TORX Plus screws.

Higher part precision requirements in production environments place higher demands on roughing processes to improve precision in the subsequent finishing process. Insert indexing accuracy directly influences milled surface quality. Traditionally, close insert runout settings required the hands of skilled workers. As more factories are being fully automated and running 24/7 productions, standardizations and normalizations of operation systems are in greater need where any operators, skilled or unskilled, are able to attain the required quality level.

FixedTorqueWrench allows exact torque to be applied without over-tightening as the internal mechanism clicks when the required torque value has been attained. The large handle with a soft finish cushion grip allows easier torque application. High precision replaceable drivers are wear-protected and ensure a snug engagement of the driver tip and screw recess as well as durability. Long and slim driver design, also ideal for deep insert pockets, allows operators of all skill levels the ability to tighten to the proper torque value without over-tightening.

TORX drivers are available in sizes from T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, and T15; while TORX Plus drivers are in sizes from 6IP, 7IP, 8IP, 10IP, and 15IP. Torque handles are available with pre-set torque values for 0.6 N/m, 0.9 N/m, 2.5 N/m, and 3.0 Nm.


  • At a Glance
    • Large handle with a soft finish cushion grip for easier torque transmission
    • Driver tip is surface-treated for secure screw engagement and durability
    • 7 handles and 11 drivers are introduced