Tungaloy’s New AddInternalCut Uses a 4-Edged Insert to ID Groove 10.5 mm Diameter

Iwaki, September 2021 — Tungaloy has launched AddInternalCut high precision indexable tool system for ID grooving operations featuring revolutionary four cutting edged insert for hole diameters as small as 10.5 mm (.413″).

Using an indexable insert for ID grooving is limited by its hole diameter; therefore, traditional ID grooving inserts for small holes can only have single cutting edge, or two at most.

Ground to precision, the new AddInternalCut TCIG insert boasts four cutting edges for maximum cost efficiency. The toolholder is engineered to ensure rigid insert retention and smooth chip evacuation during ID grooving of small bores. The toolholder and insert combination enables AddInternalCut to provide extreme stability and close tolerances, while ensuring smooth chip evacuation from the cutting point and out of the hole, during ID grooving operations.

The unique insert clamping method contributes towards the extra stability of AddInternalCut. The four-edged TCIG insert is screw-clamped in the seat, interlocking with the contact faces that support the insert body in the seat, instead of supporting directly below the cutting point which is the case with conventional grooving tools. And, in case of cutting edge breakage during machining, this method protects the holder as well as the unused cutting edges of the insert from damage. The operator simply needs to index the insert and can continue with the operation using the same tool. The insert is supported in the seat with three contact faces when clamped, providing excellent indexing accuracy and repeatability. In addition, the TCIG inserts are interchangeable, the same insert can be mounted on either the right- or left- handed holder.

TCIG inserts are available for 1.5-2.5 mm (.059″-.098″) groove widths and up to 2.0 mm (.079″) depth. The inserts are precision ground and have a sharp cutting edge for low cutting forces. A combination of these high precision inserts and secure clamping method ensures maximum stability and reliability in most challenging ID grooving operations.

The toolholders are available for a minimum bore diameter (DMIN) of 10.5 mm (.413″) and up and capable of through-coolant supply, which directs the coolant jet close to the cutting point to ensure improved tool life and chip evacuation.

No.544-G (Metric)