Tungaloy to Expand VER Solid Collet Line with TungMeister Connection

Iwaki, April 2024 — Tungaloy has expanded its VER solid collet line with a TungMeister workpiece-side connection by adding 18 new collets in sizes ER20 and ER25.

The TungMeister exchangeable-head end mill system incorporates a variety of solid carbide milling head options. These options can be combined with various shanks, providing productive end milling solutions. This system allows for optimized tool building, catering to tasks ranging from general square shoulder end milling to five-axis barrel milling across all material groups.

The new ER20 and ER25 size VER solid collets, with a TungMeister connection, can hold milling heads up to 20 mm (.787″) in diameter. These complement the existing ER11 and ER16 VER collets, which can carry milling heads as large as 12(.472″) mm in diameter. Additionally, the new collets are available with multiple tool overhang options, providing users the ability to select the optimized tool length for their applications.

This expansion will help increase the utilization of TungMeister solutions, contributing to lower processing costs and higher productivity across an extensive range of industries. These industries include die mold and small miniature parts, as well as manufacturers of large-size machine parts.

Product information
No. 381S6-G (Metric)