Tungaloy Expands Range of TungMeister Exchangeable Milling Heads

Iwaki, September 2021 — Tungaloy has added 88 total exchangeable heads in five geometries to its TungMeister exchangeable milling head range: VFX high feed milling heads, VBL lens-shape milling head for 5-axis machining, VEE small-diameter square shoulder milling head, VDS spot drilling and chamfering head, and VDP center drilling head.

VFX milling head for high feed applications now offers 6 flute version, in addition to existing 2- and 4-fluted milling heads, enabling TungMeister for higher productivity machining. The new 6-flute milling head is available in AH750 grade suitable for high productivity machining of ISO H materials. Additionally, existing 2- and 4-fluted milling heads are offered with through-coolant channels as well, which direct precision coolant supply close to the cutting point for improved tool life and chip evacuation.

In addition to standard VBO and VBN barrel-shaped end mills for productive finish machining of curved surfaces, TungMeister’s new VBL lens-shape milling head has a convexly shaped cutting edge on the tool’s tip, instead of on the periphery, providing a good solution for machining a complex bottom surface. These end milling heads enable more material removal with fewer passes in 5-axis machining.

VEE square shoulder end milling heads are now available with a S04-size screw thread for secure and accurate coupling of a 6 mm diameter VEE head with the shanks in the same diameter of 6 mm. This feature makes it easier to use TungMeister VEE in Swiss machining applications.

VDS is a spot drilling head for creating a small dent on the surface of the material to correctly locate the center of a drill when commencing a penetration, eliminating the risk of drill walking and helping to ensure more accurate hole dimensions. The spot drill tip and helical flute designs are optimized for smooth material engagement. Since the tip angle of the VDS head is 90 degrees, it can also be used for 45 degree chamfering process.

The VDP center drill head now includes Type B, forming a hole with two chamfers: a 60 degree chamfer and 120 degree chamfer at the start of the hole in a single drilling operation.


The TungMeister series
TungMeister is designed to minimize machine downtime, requiring no more than one minute for tool exchange. Setup time can significantly be reduced to as short as one tenth of the time it would typically take to replace solid carbide end mills for maximum productivity and cost effectiveness. With over 13,000 possible head-shank combinations available, TungMeister provides tooling flexibility that enables users to find a solution for almost every milling application.


Product information
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