TetraMiniCut to Increase Thread Type Coverage

Iwaki, January 2024 — Tungaloy has expanded its TetraMiniCut high precision threading tool series by incorporating the TCT threading insert line, resulting in an additional selection of 16 thread profiles.

Featuring threading and grooving inserts with four economical cutting edges, TetraMiniCut offers a unique, three-point insert clamping method that ensures secure retention and high edge repeatability, promising machining accuracy and tool life predictability. In addition to the TCT threading insert line, the series offers the TCG and TCP grooving insert lines with ground-in chipbreakers and the TCS and TCL lines with pressed-in chipbreakers.

In addition to existing ISO metric threads and 60° partial profile threads, the new inserts offer G/BSP (55°) threads, Unified (UN) threads, Whitworth (BSW) threads, BSPP (parallel) threads, and UNJ threads originally developed to fulfill the specific screw thread requirements in the aerospace industry. All inserts are offered in AH8015, the latest PVD-coated grade developed to meet the demand for extended and predictable tool life, catering not only to steel and stainless steel but also exotic materials.

The TCT insert has an innovative design with unique geometric features. The insert has a smallest distance possible from the insert front end to the cutting edge point when measured in the x-axis direction, known as profile distance ex, or PDX. This ensures minimum interference with the workpiece, allowing a formation of complete threads when threading extremely close towards the shoulder. The cutting edge is designed to form a positive rake angle when assembled on the toolholder, enabling light cutting action when producing high quality threads. The side clearance angles of the cutting edge are also optimized, eliminating the need for an insert shim when cutting threads with a greater helix angle, unlike conventional laydown threading inserts. Furthermore, thanks to simplistic design of the TetraMiniCut toolholder, the cutting head allows the machining of small diameter barstocks without the risk of collision with the lathe center.

Product information
No. 416S7-G (Metric)