Tungaloy Launches FaceMiniCut to Tackle Small-Diameter Deep Face Grooving Challenges

Iwaki, January 2024— Discover how to secure your deep face grooving applications with FaceMiniCut — Tungaloy’s latest development of deep face grooving tool system.

Tungaloy’s innovative FaceMiniCut deep face grooving tool system incorporates a unique insert that is able to produce a face groove for which the axial groove inside diameter maximum (DAXN) is 10 mm (.394″) with an axial depth of 9 mm (.354″). Strategically designed, the screw clamped FaceMiniCut insert sustains a heavy cutting load generated during machining with the strongest section of the insert and holds the insert in place in the pocket for superior repeatability at two positions on the insert end. This results in rigid insert clamping, eliminating chatter generation and securing tool stability during every deep face grooving operation. In addition, the insert chipbreaker is designed to effectively remove chips out of the cutting zone and out of the groove to prevent chips from bird nesting around the cutting tool, minimizing costly machine downtime. Optimized through-coolant supply directs coolant to the optimal position close to the cutting zone, further aiding in not only promoting better chip evacuation out of deep face grooves but also prolonging tool life. The insert is offered in Grade SH7025. Making use of the latest physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating technology, the grade’s TiCN surface layer provides resistance against rapid wear progression and built-up edge formation, producing superior part surface quality while significantly extending insert tool life.

The FaceMiniCut inserts are available in 2.0 and 2.5 mm insert cutting widths, as well as in a full-radius profile. The toolholders are offered with 12 mm and 16 mm diameter shanks or ½″ and ⅝″ diameter shanks for imperial sizes.

Product information
No. 562-G (Metric)