Aluminum Shoulder Milling Is Faster and More Efficient with New Upgraded TungAluMill

Iwaki, May 2024— Tungaloy has upgraded its TungAluMill square shoulder milling solution for non-ferrous metals by modifying the insert seat design of the cutter body for increased tool reliability during high speed milling. Eleven new cutter bodies have been introduced in this expansion.

TungAluMill enables 90° shoulder milling at extremely high cutting speeds. The insert incorporates a unique interface that prevents radial insert displacement due to centrifugal forces during extremely high speed milling. The insert is periphery ground, with its rake finished to a mirror-like surface; these features provide the insert with an extremely sharp cutting edge, while eliminating built-up edge. The inserts come in ten standard nose radius options ranging from 0.4 mm (.016″) to 5.0 mm (.197″).

The modified insert seat of the TungAluMill cutter body incorporates a groove, in addition to the conventional V surface. This groove matches the ridge structure on the insert bottom. This feature enhances the insert’s resistance to impact and centrifugal force, thereby eliminating radial displacement during high-speed rotations.

Product information
No. 429-G (Metric)