Tungaloy to Expand its CBN Insert Series with Enhanced Brazing Technology with New Insert Shapes

Iwaki, June 2018 – Tungaloy expands its WavyJoint series, the CBN insert series with enhanced brazing technology, to include 4 new negative insert shapes: DNG*, TNG*, VNG*, and WNG*.

The WavyJoint CBN insert, already launched earlier this year in the CNG* style, features a new CBN-tip brazing technology, which ensures strength and reliability in aggressive hardened steel machining of up to 0.8 mm or 0.03” depth of cut. This feature allows finish cutting in an extremely efficient, single large-depth-of-cut pass, replacing traditional multiple small-depth passes.

The new lineup includes 4 different insert shapes in DNG*, TNG*, VNG*, and WNG*, in a total of 9 items, to cover a wide range of applications.

  • At a Glance:
    • A D.O.C. of up to 1.6x as deep as that of conventional brazing technology is possible thanks to this new brazing technology
    • Unique wavy-formed interface further enhances the bondage between the CBN tip and carbide insert
    • The increased CBN tip size allows efficient heat dissipation on the cutting edge, enabling its use in aggressive, dry cutting conditions
    • Up to 0.8 mm or 0.03” D.O.C. can be achieved with each pass, thus dramatically reducing machining passes for higher efficiency
    • The insert offers a reduced risk of debrazing, enabling dry and interrupted cutting at a large depth of cut. This will prevent premature insert failures caused by extreme temperature variations at the cutting point during wet cutting


  • Total of 9 items to be added