Tungaloy’s New TurnTenFeed Eases Heavy Turning with Economy and Efficiency

Iwaki, October 2018 – Tungaloy launches TurnTenFeed maximizing efficiency and economy in medium to heavy turning operations.

Components manufactured in aerospace, power generation, and heavy equipment sectors typically require high material removal rates and extended machining hours, challenging manufacturers find ways to improve productivity and efficiency. These large and expensive components call for high machining reliability and tool life predictability as well. TurnTenFeed will do just that.

TurnTenFeed provides tool reliability and machining efficiency in an application range of medium to heavy turning. Its insert features cost-efficient 10 cutting edges in double-sided format, mounted with a secure Dovetail clamping method to ensure high insert reliability and stability during demanding operations. The dedicated -MNW style chipbreaker is designed to ensure smooth chip flow, while the wiper geometry built in the cutting edge allows high feed motion of up to 2 mm per rev to be applied for accelerated machining.

Two insert sizes are available: POMG110612 in ø15.875 mm I.C. (inscribed circle diameter) and POMG130612 in ø19.05 mm I.C., offering tremendous cost efficiency over standard ISO inserts in equivalent I.C.s, such as CNMM1606 and SNMM1906. Insert grades are available in T9200s, a series of CVD grades that offer top cutting performance in high speed turning applications.

Two types of holders are available, which enhances its turning application range: the HD (High Depth-of-cut) holder for greater depths-of-cut of up to 7.0 mm and HF (High Feed) holder which enables high feed turning of up to 2.0 mm per rev. These 2 types of holders can accommodate either type of insert.


  • At a Glance:
    • Cost-efficient double-sided insert with 10 cutting edges
    • Dovetail clamping method ensures machining stability
    • Built-in wiper for better surface finish quality at higher feed rates
    • Two types of holders suitable for a wide application range