New Sharp-Edged, Light Cutting Inserts Ensure Reliability in Narrow Slot Milling

Iwaki, November 2019 — Tungaloy expands its TungThinSlit line of indexable slot milling cutters to include inserts featuring F (sharp) cutting edge preparation.

The TungThinSlit slot milling cutter consists of indexable inserts with a unique structure. The double-sided insert can be used for either the right- or left-hand cutting edge reversibly. Economical, 6 cutting edge insert reduces tool costs as well as inventory management.

TungThinSlit is capable of milling narrow slots of widths ranging from 4 to 8 mm (from .157″ to .315″) which are often seen on automotive parts, such as steering knuckles and shafts. These components usually lack rigidity or are often fixed in weak setups constraining the application from improving the feed per tooth fz. In addition, in the slim slot milling range that TungThinSlit is capable of, the ratio of the radial engagement of the cutter in relation to the cutter diameter, or ae/Dc tends to be less than 15%, producing extremely thin chips of less than 0.02 mm (.00079″) chip thickness.

Manufacturers usually go to carbide brazed slot cutters with sharp positive cutting edges to reduce cutting forces and improve chip flow for machining stability because conventional slot milling inserts with honed cutting edges create vibrations and burrs on the workpiece. The new F-edged TungThinSlit inserts reduce the cutting forces eliminating vibrations and burr formations, while maximizing surface finish and productivity.

  • At a Glance
    • F (sharp) cutting edge preparation for free-cutting action
    • SH725 grade coating maintains cutting edge sharpness and strength
    • Reduces chatter and burr formation
    • Economical, 6-edged inserts for easy tool management. A single insert shape for the right- and left-hand cutting
    • Total of 4 inserts to be introduced