Tungaloy Expands Modularity of Its Grooving Tool System for Enhanced Flexibility and Economy

Iwaki, April 2019 — Tungaloy enhances usefulness of TungModularSystem, a modular-style grooving and parting tool system with through-coolant feature.

TungModularSystem features exchangeable modular blades that enable a wide range of tool combinations with minimum tool investment and inventory. Its secure insert clamping design and capability for high pressure through-coolant supply promotes long insert life and effective chip control, both of which are vital in efficient grooving operations. The modular tool system streamlines tool changeover inside the machine, reducing machine downtime and tool inventory costs compared to standard monoblock shank holders.

This expansion to TungModularSystem includes modular cutting heads with a size C3 TungCap connection, Tungaloy’s Polygon Shank Coupling series for accurate indexing and repeatability, as well as square shank holders with 90° blade orientation which is ideal for grooving large components on vertical turning lathes. In addition, new modular blades are added to the standard line to accommodate TungCut grooving inserts with 2 mm – 6 mm grooving widths in a rich lineup of geometries and grades as well as economical and productive 4-cornered TetraForce-Cut and TetraMini-Cut inserts. All these additions are capable of using CHP, a high pressure through-coolant supply for effective chip control.

  • At a Glance
    • Reduces machine downtime, tool inventory and investment costs
    • Introduces new holders including cutting heads with TungCap size C3 machine-side interface as well as square shank holders with 90° blade orientation
    • Adds new modular blades accommodate universal TungCut inserts as well as 4-cornered TetraForce-Cut and TetraMini-Cut inserts
  • Total of 22 items to be added