New Adjustable Torque Wrench System for the TungMeister Series

Iwaki, Dec. 2017 – Tungaloy Corporation is introducing a new adjustable torque wrench system for the TungMeister series – a popular, head-changeable endmill system.

Typically a replaceable head for the head-changeable endmill is made of solid tungsten carbide, whose elasticity to deformation is far lower than those made of steel. Therefore, excessive clamping torque could easily crack the carbide head, damaging the entire tool permanently before putting into use.

TungMeister’s coupling system becomes complete by full taper and flange face contacts between the head and shank. Elastic deformation of the steel thread and tapered surface ensure the TungMeister’s clamping rigidity and stability as well as accurate head centering. However, an inadvertent thrust of excessive force can permanently damage the head and shank coupling, an accurate control of the clamping torque is, therefore, vital. This new adjustable torque wrench will provide just that in preparation of your TungMeister endmills for top performance and maximum tool life.

The new wrench covers a torque range of 5 to 50 N*m, applicable for all sizes and head types in the TungMeister series. Replaceable bits are available with open-head wrenches for cylindrical and 2-flute heads or with the Torx® heads.


  • Features:
    • Torque range: 5 – 50 N*m
    • Applicable for S05 – S15 thread connections
    • Replaceable bits available with open-head wrenches and Torx® heads


  • Total items to be added: 1 type of torque wrench, 17 types of replaceable bits