Tungaloy’s Head-changeable Cutter Series Now Offers Variable-pitch Variable-helixes for Improved Efficiency

Iwaki, June 2018 – Tungaloy is expanding its TungMeister head-changeable milling cutter series to include variable pitch and helix geometry heads.

With TungMeister, significant reduction in tool changeover time is achieved through the ability to replace used heads instead of an entire tool. The series now introduces the VEH style changeable heads, which features variable pitch, variable flute helix angle configurations.

Since the flutes are variably spaced, each cutting edge contacts the material at a different time interval, thus eliminating resonances, a principal cause of tool vibration. This enhanced anti-chatter capability provides better efficiency in applications with long reach areas or greater cutting depths and widths. Vibration dampening also reduces premature tool failures and stabilizes tool life.

  • At a Glance:
    • Variable pitch, variable helix angles for improved chatter stability
    • Ideal for long overhang applications
    • Greater material removal rates for higher machining efficiency
  • Total items to be added: 10 head styles