TungMeister to Include Thread Milling Exchangeable Heads

Iwaki, December 2017 – Tungaloy now offers a thread milling head line for TungMeister – a high efficient exchangeable-head endmill series, to further expand its flexibility in a wide range of thread milling markets.

Thread milling creates threads with the helical interpolation movements of a tool in machining centers and multi-tasking machines. Unlike the conventional tapping method, thread milling produces low cutting forces and facilitates smoother chip evacuation. As far as the pitch matches, one multipoint thread mill can machine a wide range of diameters; while one single-point mill can address a variety of pitches and diameters, both which help to minimize tool inventory. The tool indexing is made simple due to its modularity, substantially reducing machine downtime and improving cycle times.


  • At a Glance
    • Available thread sizes:
      • Multipoint, full-profile thread milling heads
        • ISO metric (Pitch: 0.75 mm – 3.0 mm)
        • Unified threads (8-24 TPI)
        • Whitworth (11-19 TPI)
      • Single-point, partial profile thread milling heads
        • 60° partial (Pitch: 0.5 mm – 4.5 mm)
        • 55° partial (11-14 TPI)
    • Reduced machine downtime due to simplified tool indexing
    • Wide selection of shank types
      • Steel shanks
      • Tungsten carbide shanks
      • Pure tungsten shanks with through-coolant
  • Total items to be added: 25 heads