Tungaloy’s new TungMeister holder-collet series improves tool economy and productivity in low rigidity machines

Iwaki, July 2018 – Tungaloy is expanding its TungMeister, a head-changeable milling cutter series, to include a new integrated holder-collet series for low rigidity machines.

TungMeister is a popular multi-functional, head-changeable milling cutter series, featuring secure flange-taper interface clamping and high precision head repeatability for reduced machine downtime. One shank accommodates various types of tool heads, ranging from square shoulder endmills to disc milling cutters for ultimate versatility.

An industry trend towards lightweight and miniaturization is putting pressure on manufacturers to produce smaller, lighter, more complicated parts. In order to maximize productivity, manufacturers are using lighter, less rigid, smaller spindle motor machines, which reduce the rigidity of the tools, making chatter a persistent issue. Tungaloy’s new TungMeister holder-collet series is an ideal solution to address this challenge.

The new TungMeister integrated shank and collet holder with optimum overhang length can be directly mounted in the collet adaptors, improving rigidity and chatter stability. In addition, the TungMeister thread and Flange-taper clamping allows the use of one size larger diameter in the shank adding to the rigidity and availability to be used for broader machining applications.

The combination of shorter length and larger diameter improves the systems rigidity up to 6.38x compared to the conventional two-piece clamping of a steel shank in a collet. This improves tool performance and productivity for the customer.


  • Product at a Glance:
    • Increased tool rigidity thanks to holder-collet integration design
    • Improved anti-chatter capability due to optimized tool overhang
    • Flange-taper contact assures high precision and high rigidity tool holding
    • Expanded applicability thanks to various tool heads on a single holder
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