Tungaloy Enhances Its Small Diameter Shoulder Mill with New Sharp Cornered Insert and Stable Modular Heads to Challenge Solid End Mill Markets

Iwaki, November 2018 – Tungaloy adds R0.0 corner radius inserts and a line of modular heads to TungForce-Rec, an indexable small diameter shoulder milling cutter series.

TungForce-Rec is a proven system of shoulder milling cutters that incorporates V bottom inserts to ensure high insert clamping rigidity in shouldering, slotting, pocketing, and 3D profiling applications.

To satisfy near-zero corner radius requirements on the workpiece in a shouldering or slotting process, manufacturers resorted to solid carbide end mills. The addition of R0.0 cornered inserts to the –MJ and –AJ insert lines further expands TungForce-Rec’s operation capabilities in all material groups.

To improve chatter stability on Swiss machines, small part manufacturers prefer a tool overhang to be as short as possible. With a new line of small diameter TungForce-Rec modular heads, a shorter tool assembly is possible for better part quality in a wide range of applications.

Providing high part quality and machining stability, TungForce-Rec’s new lineups will contribute to further improvement of productivity and cost-per-part economy.


  • At a Glance:
    • Superior part quality– The V bottom insert contact retains the insert securely in place, preventing it from moving during machining. The result is improved part’s wall and surface quality.
    • Machining stability– The insert’s large rake angle provides light cutting action, while its obtuse cross section improves cutting edge integrity
    • 0 corner radius– Ensures smooth and efficient profiling of near-zero corner radii on the workpiece
    • Ideal for small part manufacturing– Small diameter modular head provides high tool rigidity with no interference. The result is improved tool life and stability
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