Significant Insert Grade Expansion to Tungaloy’s TungCut Grooving System Further Boosts Productivity

Iwaki, March 2019 — Tungaloy expands its TungCut line of high-performance, multifunctional grooving and parting system, to offer a full line of AH7025 PVD grade inserts for significant improvement of productivity and machining stability.

The TungCut system incorporates a unique insert clamping design for high clamping rigidity and long tool life in multifunctional grooving and parting operations. TungCut is also designed to address a wide range of grooving needs from micro machining on Swiss machines to general grooving on CNC lathes and turning centers.

With a combination of nano-multilayered coating with high aluminum-content on a dedicated carbide substrate, AH7025 provides superior resistance to chipping and plastic deformation, allowing secure machining at higher cutting parameters.

AH7025 has proven performance with a wide variety of materials and to boost productivity in many grooving applications. TungCut’s full line of AH7025 inserts further contribute to customers’ success.

  • At a Glance
    • AH7025 grade now available on all TungCut inserts
    • With AH7025’s superior resistance to plastic deformation and chipping, grooving efficiency is significantly improved
    • Boosts productivity with a wide range of materials
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