Tungaloy’s New TungCut Tool Holders Provide High-Pressure Coolant and Tool Rigidity During Groove Turning

Iwaki, June 2018 – Tungaloy is introducing TungTurnJet high-pressure internal coolant supply technology for its TungCut grooving shank holders. The new TungCut holder series includes monoblock and modular blade lines.

This new TungCut modular system features Tungaloy’s latest TungModularSystem technology, which enhances blade clamping rigidity by 20% during grooving operation over the conventional method. The blade change-over procedure is also made easy while still in the machine. This not only reduces machine downtime but also improves tool economy thanks to the modularity, enabling different operations with one tool. TungModularSystem contributes to productivity enhancements in every grooving application with its high-pressure coolant supply technology which provides proper chip evacuation, vital during grooving operations.  In addition, it also extends insert life.

The new series offers TungCap polygon-shank tooling options available in C4, C5, or C6 coupling size, which allows accurate indexing repeatability. Monoblock holders are also available with internal coolant supply for efficient deep grooving in a width range from 2 mm to 6 mm or from 0.08” to 0.24” to accommodate a wide variety of grooving requirements.


  • At a Glance:
    • Incorporates TungTurnJet high-pressure internal coolant supply technology to promote productive grooving operations
    • New TungModularSystem reduces machine downtime and tooling cost
    • TungCap adaptations and monoblock style holders accommodate a variety of grooving applications


  • Total items to be introduced: 30 items