New Geometries and Grades Enhance TungCut Grooving Capabilities

Iwaki, December 2018 – Tungaloy is expanding TungCut, a line of multi-functional indexable grooving tools, to include a new chipbreaker geometry: the DGL insert for grooving soft steels and two new grades: CVD grade T515 for cast iron and a universal PVD grade AH7025.

TungCut offers stable and long tool life because of its innovative rigid insert clamping system. The tool series covers a variety of grooving operations from small-part to general machining.

The new DGL style insert, offered in a two-cornered format, addresses chip control difficulties common when grooving soft and gummy low-carbon steels which are prone to create long continuous chips. A popular grooving and parting line, the DTE insert is now available in T515, a CVD grade that ensures stable machining of cast iron at high cutting speeds. In addition, an increased lineup in AH7025 PVD grade ensures high machining efficiency and stability in various materials. The DTM insert, proven to provide excellent chip control in grooving and groove-turning, is now offered in a popular 3 mm grooving width.


  • At a Glance
    • Double-ended DGL insert addresses common chip control issues in grooving soft steel
    • T515 CVD grade allows high speed grooving of cast iron
    • First-choice PVD grade, AH7025 provides stability and predictability in grooving various materials