Expansion to TungCut groover series improves efficiency in grooving, groove-turning, and parting applications

Iwaki, June 2018 – Tungaloy is expanding TungCut multi-functional grooving tool series to include AH7025, a universal PVD grade and the high-performing, –DTM style chipbreaker.

TungCut incorporates a unique insert clamping mechanism to enhance insert rigidity during machining, providing long insert life and stability in a wide range of grooving applications from Swiss-type machines to CNC lathes.

AH7025 is Tungaloy’s first-choice grade for grooving applications. The grade features a high aluminum-content nano-multilayered PVD coating with strong coating adhesion to a dedicated carbide substrate to create superior fracture toughness, which ensures high efficiency and reliability in grooving steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant superalloys.

Double-edged left-/right-handed insert lines are also enhanced in this expansion with AH7025 to offer stability in parting applications.

The new –DTM style chipbreaker is a multi-functional geometry, designed to create a smooth chip flow in grooving and turning. The combination of –DTM and AH7025 provides machining stability and efficiency. This expansion enhances productivity in not only grooving and turning applications but also parting-off processes.


  • At a Glance:
    • High Al-content nano-multilayer coating, featuring high hardness and coating-substrate adhesion providing superior resistance to wear and chipping
    • Covers a variety of materials ranging from steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, to heat-resistant superalloys
    • The new –DTM chipbreaker on double-edged inserts
    • Ideal for grooving, groove-turning, and parting-off applications


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