Tungaloy Strengthens Its Thread Milling Tool Range for Aerospace Threads

Iwaki, March 2019 — Tungaloy is expanding its solid carbide thread milling tools in the SolidThread family to include new lines enhancing aerospace machining center applications.

The new lines include the MTECS series with the aerospace UNJ and MJ internal thread profiles. Tungaloy is responding to increased aerospace demands with these offerings, covering a wide range of thread pitches and TPIs. In addition, free cutting single-point MTECI series is also being added with the internal ISO metric thread profile and internal/external 60° V profile. Low cutting force makes these single-point threading tools a great alternative when parts have poor stability with vulnerability to chatter or fine threads like M1x0.25.

With 22 new items in the SolidThread family, Tungaloy now offers a total of 293 items to address customers’ specific thread milling challenges.

Tungaloy also offers ThreadMilling Advisor, a free on-line CNC code generator program able to create a wide range of thread milling programs, including UNJ and MJ threads for machining centers. Go to http://www.imc-companies.com/mtt/

  • At a Glance
    • Thread milling tools for aerospace threads with a range of pitches and TPIs
      MTECS series(short-edged style)

      • Internal UNJ threads: for 32-13 TPIs
      • Internal MJ threads: for pitches 0.7-2.0 mm
    • Single-point thread milling tool, MTECI series, for added flexibility in tool selections
      MTECI series

      • 60° V profile, internal: for pitches 0.35 mm – 3.0 mm and 72-8 TPIs
      • 60° V profile, external: for pitches 0.35 mm – 2.5 mm and 72-10 TPIs
      • ISO metric profile, internal: for pitches 0.25 mm – 0.5 mm