Tungaloy Introduces 3D Chipbreaker to Its 4-Cornered Groovers for Added Efficiency

Iwaki, December 2018 – Tungaloy expands its TetraMini-Cut, a grooving series featuring 4-cornered inserts, to include the TCS18 insert line for improved efficiency in grooving applications.

TetraMini-Cut incorporates an economical, 4-cornered compact insert, with a unique clamping system delivering superior indexing repeatability, ensuring high grooving accuracy as well as tool life stability.

The 3D geometry of the new TCS18 insert is designed to provide impressive chip control to ensure light cutting action. The high-aluminum, multi-layer coating of the AH7025 grade improves coating hardness and substrate-coating adhesion properties, achieving exceptional machining stability and efficiency in demanding grooving applications.

Combined with the existing TCG18 and TCP18 inserts with ground-to-shape chipbreakers, the new TCS18 insert offers an extensive range of grooving inserts to address the various demands of small-part and general grooving for improved productivity.


  • At a Glance
    • New TCS18 insert provides a dramatic improvement in chip control, ensuring grooving efficiency and stability
    • AH7025, a dedicated grade to grooving, excels in wear and fracture resistance in grooving operations thanks to high coating hardness and adhesion properties of the high-aluminum, multi-layer coating
    • Suitable for alloy steel, stainless steel, and high temperature alloys
    • The same grooving width lineup as in those of TCG18 inserts’


  • A total of 28 items to be added