Tungaloy Enhances Its Tangential Slot Milling Cutter with New Insert Grade

Iwaki, November 2018 – Tungaloy expands its TecTangentialSlot, a successful line of indexable slot milling cutters, to include a new insert grade: AH3135.

TecTangentialSlot offers high reliability and efficiency in slot milling operations. Slot milling cutters are generally used for deep slotting on turbine shafts and brake system components where chips must be efficiently removed from the groove to prevent them from being re-cut and damaging the machined surface.

TecTangentialSlot’s optimal chip pocket design facilitates efficient chip evacuation, while maintaining the cutter’s high insert density. Strong insert in a tangential geometry features a large inclination angle on the cutting edge which helps reduce the shock load at the entry of the cut, improving insert reliability during demanding operations. Typical slot milling cutters require at least two different types of inserts, one for the left side of the cutter and one for the right, in order to mill wide slots and grooves. However, the smart TecTangentialSlot design allows the same insert to be used for either left-hand or right-hand, providing customers with improved tool economy, while reducing inventory management.

AH3135, a newly added insert grade, is highly fracture-resistant, consisting of a tough carbide substrate and nano-multilayer PVD coating. It is designed to withstand chipping and fracture in unfavorable cutting conditions, providing stability and extended tool life.

A combination of robust geometry and prolific grade allows TecTangentialSlot to boast ultimate tool reliability and machining stability to customers, contributing to the reduction of production costs.


  • At a Glance:
    • Strong tangential inserts for improved reliability
    • Efficient chip evacuation achieved in a close-pitched cutter design
    • Unique insert geometry with built-in wiper provides superior surface finishing quality
    • New AH3135 for improved fracture performance


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