Tungaloy’s New CVD grade, T9215 for enhanced productivity in steel turning

Iwaki, April 2018 – Tungaloy is introducing a new CVD-coated carbide insert grade, T9215 to boost performance and productivity in steel turning.

The T9215 grade incorporates a thick, homogenous structure of the Al2O3 layer and the hard-ceramic layer that is much harder than conventional TiN coating. These characteristics promote wear resistance, while improving productivity in steel turning operations. Tungaloy’s special post surface treatment technology, PremiumTec, enhances machining stability and helps prevent microcracks from initiating and propagating in the coating layer which can cause catastrophic insert failure.

The T9215 lineup includes Tungaloy’s standard inserts as well as ISO-EcoTurn inserts in the –TSF, -TM, and -TH style chipbreakers dedicated for steel turning. A total of 349 insert configurations are available in this grade.

  • At a glance:
    • Overwhelming wear resistance in steel turning thanks to:
      • A thick and homogenous Al2O3 coating layer with high wear resistance
      • A hard-ceramic layer with a thickness of 1.5x compared to conventional technology
    • PremiumTec surface treatment for machining stability


  • Total of 349 items to be added

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