Tungaloy Further Enhances Its T9200s Steel Turning Inserts with New Grades and Geometries

Iwaki, June 2019 — Tungaloy is expanding its T9200 CVD grade insert series to include T9205 and T9235 grades as well as the -TSF and -TM style chipbreakers to conquer steel turning markets.

Both T9205 and T9235 are designed to provide outstanding wear resistance in the P05 and P35 application ranges surpassing existing CVD grades. These capabilities are possible due to Tungaloy’s latest and most innovative coating technologies, including:

  • Extremely wear resistant Al2O3coating in a thick and uniformly aligned layer
  • Ultra-hard ceramics for the outermost layer
  • PremiumTec – Tungaloy’s exclusive post surface treatment technology

T9205 and T9235 provide long and stable tool life in various steel turning applications, allowing customers to achieve high productivity. Combined with the -TSF and -TM style chipbreakers, the latest line of the T9200 series can now meet the needs in a wider spectrum of steel turning applications. This expansion complements the preceding T9215 and T9225 grades of the T9200 series addressing customers’ needs for high efficiency and high productivity machining. A total of 531 inserts are added in this expansion.


  • T9205 and T9235 at a glance
    • Thick and uniformly aligned alumina layer of the coating provides superior wear resistance
    • Ultra-hard ceramic layer that is 1.5x as hard as that of existing grades improves wear resistance
    • PremiumTec – post surface treatment technology for machining stability
  • TSF and TM style chipbreakers at a glance
    • TSF: Provides excellent chip control at high feed rates, reducing entanglement and chatter
    • TM: Universal chipbreaker for various applications ranging from high speed and feed turning to varying depths of cut
  • Total of 531 inserts to be added


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