Tungaloy to Launch “SolidThread”, a Thread Milling Tool Series for Machining Centers

Iwaki, December 2017 – Tungaloy is launching SolidThread, a new series of solid carbide tools for thread milling.

SolidThread is advantageous when used with machining centers. Although tapping may be the most common method, a single tap can address only one hole size. Large cutting force is required for tapping, making it unfit for machining unstable, thin-walled parts. Breaking a tap usually results in a scrapped workpiece.

SolidThread, on the other hand, can machine a range of hole diameters with a common thread pitch. SolidThread requires lower cutting force, making thread milling easier on the small machine tools like Swiss lathes. Unlike a tap, which forms continuous chips, a thread milling generates segmented chips, thus eliminating chip entanglement inside the machine. In the case of breakage, the remanent of SolidThread can always be removed from the component, leaving no concern for damaging expensive workpieces.

For a wide range of threading demands, Tungaloy is launching a total of 271 new items, including a through-coolant series, the MTECSH series for hardened steel, and the MTECS..L series for long reach applications.


  • At a Glance:
    • Rich lineup for a wide range of standard threads:
      ISO metric (M1-), Unified (0-80UNF-), Whitworth, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, UNJ, and MJ


  • Lineups for specific applications:
    • MTECZ: For through holes, with through-coolant on periphery
    • MTECB: For blind holes, with through-coolant at bottom
    • MTECQ: For deep blind holes, with through-coolant at bottom
    • MTECSH: For hardened steel
    • MTECS: For lower cutting force, short-edged style
    • MTECS..L: For long reach applications
    • MTEC: For general purpose


  • Total items to be added: 271 items