Tungaloy Expands TecMill’s Insert Grade Selections for Enhanced Shoulder Milling Performance

Iwaki, May2018 – Tungaloy has added the latest high performing grades to its TecMill shoulder milling cutter series.

TecMill is a line of square shoulder milling cutters featuring extremely robust tangential inserts. Its unique insert shape and strong cutter body ensures ultimate stability and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for heavy duty shoulder milling.

3 new grades are added to boost TecMill’s potentials: AH3135 is a market-proven PVD grade with wear-resistant hard coating over a deformation-resistant carbide substrate to yield superior wear and fracture resistance. The grade improves tool life and stability in heavy duty shouldering of steel and stainless steel. Extremely wear resistant T1215 is a CVD-coated grade designed for high speed milling of cast iron. Its fracture resistance privides tool life stability. T3225 is a wear resistant CVD grade most suited for high speed milling of steel.


  • At a Glance
    • AH3135: a first-choice grade for steel and stainless steel
    • T1215: most suitable for high speed milling of cast iron
    • T3225: most suitable for high speed milling of steel


  • Total of 10 insert items to be added