New indexable thread milling tools from Tungaloy for machining centers

Iwaki, March 2018 – Tungaloy introduces ThreadMilling ETLN series, a family of indexable thread milling tools for machining centers.

This indexable insert system enables a single cutter body to use different thread profiles and pitches for various thread milling operations in machining centers. The multiple-flute indexable threading cutter incorporates multiple threading inserts in 25 mm or 1” long, featuring the highest level of machining efficiency for an indexable type thread mill.


  • At a glance:
    • Multiple flute design available in tool diameters, ranging from ø17 mm with 2 flutes to ø30 mm with 5 flutes.
    • Each tool diameter features 2 different types of neck sizes. (Note there is only one type of neck size for ø30 mm.)
    • Standard thread profiles available in: ISO metric, in 1.5 mm–3 mm pitches; Unified threads, in 20–8 TPI; and Whitworth (Parallel pipe threads), in 14-11 TPI.
    • Economical, double-sided inserts
    • Loss-free screws for insert clamping. No need to completely remove the screws from the cutter body to set the insert.
    • Sophisticated internal coolant system delivers ample supply of coolant to the cutting edge and working surface during through-hole machining, which helps achieve a high surface quality and eliminate premature insert failure.


  • Total of 9 cutter bodies and 8 inserts to be added