Tungaloy Broadens Its CBN Chipbreaker Insert Lineup for Hard Turning

Iwaki, October 2018 – Tungaloy is expanding its newly released -HP style CBN chipbreaker insert line to contain 13 new geometries, including GGNG1204..-HP, DNGM1504..-HP, TNGM1604..-HP, VNGM1604..-HP, CCGT0602..-HP, and DCGT0702..-HP.

Designed to deliver stable chip control in finishing hardened steels where depths-of-cut do not exceed 0.2mm or 0.008”, the –HP chipbreaker eliminates issues induced by poor chip control and evacuation.

An enhanced lineup of the -HP chipbreaker CBN inserts further address various demands from customers.


  • At a Glance
    • Optimal chipbreaker design for delivering stable chip control, while reducing crater wear on the insert rake surface
    • Free cutting geometry reduces chatter during machining and helps achieve close workpiece dimensions
    • Also available with built-in wiper for superior chip control AND surface finishing
    • Available in grade BXM10 for continuous cutting and grade BXA20 for interrupted cutting


  • Total of 13 items to be added in this expansion